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Saturday, July 30, 2016


GOOD MORNING dear hearts!  The summer is just whizzing by and the weeks even faster.  I have been enjoying John, sailing, swimming, gardening, dances at the Yacht Club, friends and family with multiple birthdays, graduations, ad infinitum.  and singing with the Praise Group at Church keeps me busy with rehearsals on Wednesdays and Sundays and then the service.  I never thought I would be this busy at my age!! Ha!  Some of the things that keep me busy:

My nephews Cameron and Matt the grad, Mom Amy and Dad Kevin

Beautiful Sunsets at the Yacht Club on Owasco Lake.

 The building of my new front porch.

Sailing on Owasco Lake

John cleaning his Star racing boat....

Trying to get myself back into painting....
 Gave this one to John for his Birthday July 16th.

Another one of my hobbies is finding fresh water fossils.  I found this snail shell near the parking lot at the club.

My wonderful granddaughter Rosemary who graduated from H.S. AND College one week after another!  Brother Seth (2nd year Clemson U, SC to her left), Mom Christine and Dad Jim.  The programs they provide to High Schoolers now are wonderful!  The last 2 yrs. of High School, both of the grandchildren attended College.  AMAZING!

And last but not least a trip to Bucktail Falls with John's Nephew Carl and Great nephew, Tim.  They took a shower in the falls and that water was cold!!

What have you been doing this summer??

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