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Monday, January 9, 2017

Aint it kind of funny how time slips away ♫♫

My, where does the time go?  Busy, Busy!  I have been working part time and enjoying that.  I am so busy with church activities, gardening in the nice weather and now 'tis winter in full swing!  Here are some photos to bring you up to date since my last post. While playing basketball with my boy friend John and his neice and nephew, I broke my finger.  But I actually have improved my bone density from doing this (weight bearing exercise) and no longer take meds for my bones!  Hurray!

John and I planted a little raised garden between our houses on his side of the hedge that yielded onions, carrots, leaf lettuce, and kale.  It was great fun and John's first garden.
Below is my backyard flower garden with antique hand plow.


We spent many days and evenings at OYC on the lake and had another wonderful summer of swimming, sailing, listening to bands, friends and awesome sunsets....

Above, my pumpkin vine with a blossom as large as a dinner platter!


And then the most beautiful carpet of yellow Autumn leaves I have ever seen in the backyard...

And then came the snow....

And it was time to trim the little tree again with all my handmade ornaments of  yore.  A Santa from a flame bulb, a vintage card print in plastic packaging and below a cute little Caroler I painted on a Cat's Paw Shell.

I love them all and they bring back so many memories of Christmas past. 

May you have a most blessed New Year and thanks for coming.  Ya'll come back soon!

My heart to yours


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