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Friday, March 7, 2014

Lost Teapot is found...

 I had bought this neat teapot for my daughter for Christmas as she collects them as I did when I was young.  When I was packing her Christmas package, I could not find the teapot anywhere!!  I am painting my living room (please see Kerrie's Krafts) and I decided to clean out the closet.  I was so thrilled to find the pot-LOL!  So it is now packed and ready to be mailed!
St. Patrick's Day will soon be here and I will have to display my Mom's Cup and Saucer that I treasure.  It is very old and was given to her by a dear friend many, many years ago.  

Do you have cups that have been int he family for a long time?  I would love to see.  Comment with your link so I can visit.  Thanks!

My heart to yours...

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A Joyful Chaos said...

What a delightful teapot! Glad you found it.