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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I sadly do not know who the author of this poem is but the photo and following poem was posted on my face book page this morning and as a poet and lover of poetry, I had to share.  This was very meaningful to me and comforting...

I'm Standing Next To You

You can't see me or touch me
but I'm standing next to you.
It's sad to see you cry for me
I wish you only knew.

I'm standing next to you.
Even though you think I'm gone,
I've really never left your side
I've been here all along.

So please be brave and dry the tears,
don't let your grief show through.
I love you from a different place,
and I'm standing right next to you

(If anyone knows the author, please comment to me :) )

The photo makes me want to paint and the poem inspires 

me to put pen to page....

Have a most wonderful day and share this lovely poem if 

you are also touched by the words.

My heart to yours....

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