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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Winter here in Central NYS can be brutal but beautiful!  I went to my cousin's house on Saturday to visit.  She lives at the other end of Owasco Lake in Moravia.  It is a 14 mile drive along the West side of the lake and a beautiful view all the way!  Saturday, there were ice fishermen on the lake in tents and portable enclosures.
The lake was totally frozen over and the surface was like a giant mirror.  As I drove along I could see men pulling rather large fish up from an ice hole here and there.  Note the buds on the tree branch.

Further up the lakeside there are gullies and woods where my hubby once hunted deer as a youth and the many waterfalls were completely frozen in silent motion.

I rolled down the window to take this one and you can see the flakes of snow coming down.  It would only have been better had a deer or two crossed the path...
There is always something beautiful to see no matter what the weather.  I enjoy that trip any time that I go.  Many good memories of swimming in summer and hiking in winter on beautiful Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY.

Thank you for coming today and do leave a comment for me as I treasure them!
My heart to yours...

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Betty said...

Wow, that's quite a change from the south, but beautiful pictures. I miss seeing snow. Glad you're enjoying your move back home.