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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Ahhh!  Spring has to be here!  I forced some more of the blooms from the tulip tree and they came out in only 3 days this time!!
It was as though they were opening before my eyes, so pretty! 

So pretty and welcome this April 1st to remind me that Spring WILL arrive~ha!
Forsythia branches work really well for cutting and putting in water inside for forcing blooms.  Unfortunately, I have none growing in my yard.  The snow is mostly gone now and the sun shining more each day.  I have a neighbor that loves to walk just as I do and we took a long walk yesterday to a flowing creek but it was still to muddy to go down the trail.  Soon though, as I am anxious to take photos.

Are you itching to get out in the yard?  I am.  Friends brought me some perennials in the fall and I can see them coming up through the dirt, I am excited!  Also, I have a neighbor in back that has discarded a metal children's cart that has faded to a gray/red.  When I see them again, I will ask if I can buy it.  I would love to paint it brightly and put potted plants in it for yard decor~~fun!

Have a wonderful Day, And don't let the April jokers get you today!

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