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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Wonderful October days!  Since I have moved back to my hometown, the weather has been beautiful and friends said I must have brought it with me-ha!  I cannot leave a pretty leaf on the ground and have been decorating with them and painting them.

I also ironed some between wax paper like my Mom used to do and that not only makes them lie flat but they retain their color longer.

And I was pleased with the water color, too. 

The cooler days are great for cleaning and I organized an upstairs hall closet and covered with a pair of drapes. 
To make your own water color painting even if you cannot draw, see my http://kerrieskrafts3.blogspot.com blog for instructions.
Thank you so much for visiting and do come again.  Leave a comment, I love getting them.  Have a wonderful Autumn weekend!
My heart to yours...

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