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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frost on the Pumpkin

There were some nights this last week that indeed brought frost in the pumpkin, the lawn, the roof-tops, just a reminder that winter is very near...
  But meantime,  I am just enjoying the rustling of leaves underfoot, the rich colors of Autumn and little ones who came in costumes to my door.
  Yesterday I took a ride to the cemetery where several members of my family are buried.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day with lots of wind.  I stopped to take photos of field corn in the field...
I love the color of the dried corn stalks and remember my Mom making dolls from corn husks...
I visited my friend in the country as I do each Thursday.  Though bound to a wheelchair from stroke, she still smiles and laughs. She amazes me that she can manage to get on a riding mower and cuts the extensive lawn around her house!  She is alone except for night time, too.  I try to bring her different suppers to eat and she is always so appreciative.
And though temperatures may be dropping, the sun makes my little sunporch cozy and warm.  Lilly loves snoozing there in the sun spots.

Trying new things at church, practicing a song with Pastor and his daughter to sing one day at service.  He is learning to play banjo and I play my guitar.  Right now we sound like a weak Bluegrass trio but it is fun and we will improve!
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My heart to yours...

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