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Monday, September 30, 2013


Ahhh! the colors of Fall!  Now that I am back in my hometown, I get to visit all the wonderful places like this Farmer's Market at Half Acre outside of Auburn NY.  Here is a quaint little family cemetery nearby.
 I have never seen so many shapes of pumpkins and gourds like these!  And the owner asked if I would like my picture taken-ha!
These beautiful chickens were there on display, also.

Farther out we were looking for the old schoolhouse as were taking historical photos and it was quite obvious that someone had abandoned 2 beautiful black Kittens.
On picking them up we knew they were not eating as we could feel their ribs!  So after church on Sunday, we returned with food and a box.  Sure enough they came out to greet us and after letting them eat a bit, we put them in the box and carried them to a volunteer rescue site.  They will clean them up, de-flea them, and when they are ready, find a good home for the 2 of them together.  They are 2 little females.  Shame on whoever abandoned them!
I am fascinated by nature's beauty!  Below is a cluster of down from the Thistle plant.  Silky and shiny in the sunlight!
Thank you for coming to share my weekend adventure!
Hugs, have a wonderful Fall Day!

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