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Monday, August 26, 2013

Landscaping and settling in

Good morning blog friends!  I have been missing you!  Still unpacking things and getting settled in my home.  The weather has been fantastic here in central NYS so I take time out to work in the yard, too!
This is a before picture of the overgrown cluster of trees in the front yard.  There are 3 kinds of trees in this cluster.

This was the view from the road when I purchased the house.

This is the after picture with the trees all trimmed and the red mulch added, taken at dusk Saturday night.

Love the contrast and brightness of the red mulch in the flower bed.  The orange mums are actually in my little bicycle planter that I brought from SC with me but the late evening light does not allow seeing.

The overgrowth had shaded the lawn on this side and now the sun can reach the grass and it will fill in :)

I love seeing the fruits of my labor-ha!  All I need is a bird feeder under the dining room window and I will be happy!  Also going to trim that bush in the corner by the sun-porch.

This is Tucker (female) who lives next door.  She has kind of adopted Lilly and me, coming over to get her belly rubbed and following me the whole while I was working in the yard.  She is just as nice as her owner.
She is twice as big as my little Lilly!  And the same color as Lilly-ha!
I moved too late to see the lilacs in the yard but the Rose of Sharon is blooming constantly and gracing the whole yard with blooms of lavender...

Thank you so much for visiting my new little corner of my world in my hometown.  Come again soon!  Leave a comment so I can enjoy reading over coffee :)

My heart to yours....

PS:  President Obama passed through my home town on his tour, visited the YMCA to get his morning workout, stayed at the Holiday Inn but never stopped to visit the home of William H. Seward or the home of Harriet Tubman.  Historians were very disappointed and other than the kids at the YMCA, no one got to see him except people lined in the street who caught a glimpse of his bus passing by and a wave...

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