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Friday, August 23, 2013


President Obama did not stop while in Auburn, NY my hometown, at the Seward House or the Harriet Tubman home here.  Both houses were all decked out in anticipation but it was not to be.  He stayed at the Holiday Inn and visited the YMCA and went on to Skaneteles, NY in his official bus.  Quite a disappointment for our historic city. 

Instead, most Auburnians saw only his bus roll by...

He did stop at the YMCA but certainly with all the historic and political history of our city, it was thought that he would visit these 2 homes.

5 hours ago  •  
AUBURN | President Barack Obama visited a site in Auburn on Friday, but it was not the historic Seward House Museum or Harriet Tubman Home.
At 8 a.m, a smaller presidential motorcade escorted Obama to the Auburn YMCA on William Street. According to White House press pool reports, the president was looking to get a quick workout in this morning prior to resuming his two-day trip in upstate New York and Pennsylvania.
The president worked out alongside Y members and chatted with several of them during his time inside the building, which was heavily guarded.
He returned to the hotel about 55 minutes later, and an hour after that, the full motorcade -- including the Ground Force One tour bus -- departed up North Street and turned left onto Genesee Street toward Skaneateles.

Yes, I voted for him but I guess it was more important to work out at the YMCA than to visit these historic sites.  As my children and grandchildren would say, "Whatever!"  Ha!  It was still exciting and many people turned out just to get a peek at the President in his bus.
On an other note, I am happily settling into my new Auburn home, loving the weather and love friends and family dropping in!  My new over/under washer dryer was delivered today and will get it hooked up over the weekend as I need 220 wiring. :)  My new electric range will be delivered tomorrow, I am so excited!   Thanks for stopping and do come again.

My heart to yours...

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