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Friday, December 14, 2012

Joining with Beverly at How Sweet the sound for PINK Saturday!  Last night my daughter, Darrell, my Granddaughter Jessica and Christopher went to Conway, SC for some Christmas activities.  We heard young people sing carols, had a ride on a Belgian Horse Drawn wagon and shopped in the quaint little shops!  Really got us in the Christmas mood! 
Just had to wear the Pink Pompadoodle yarn scarf I made!  Granddaughter Jessica and me.

Daughter Barbara with her daughter.

Beautiful Belgian Horse team!

Barbara aka Cindy Lou Who, and the Grinch!
Just had so much fun!

Christopher and Darrell were enjoying it too!

Last but not least, the sun is setting towards the North now in winter days and this is the sky I just saw tonight:

Perfect pink....

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My heart to yours....


LV said...

A perfect way to spend family time.

Tami Kenner said...

Looks like happy memories were made!!
HPS...xo Tami