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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas 2012 all around the house...
Intarsia wooden Candle Made by my Sweet Bill. 

My most favorite purchased ornament is this Madonna of the Poor and baby Jesus.  I just love it!
 Light Bulb Santa I made and painted.

 Mantel that Bill made for me.
Sand Dollar ornament I painted 
 My son Danny's grade school picture that I made into an ornament.

This is a toy soldier gift tie on that my Sis-in-law Linda tied on a pkg, many, many years ago.  I have put it on my tree ever since... 
 My Little table top tree in the front windows.
Animated girl and Hallmark snowman that sings and moves.
I love this tree top Angel.  She is so beautiful and I put her on the table
so I can enjoy her.

 This is a violin on notes that I drew and Bill cut out of aluminum for me to paint.
 One of the many Wooden Christmas angels that I would draw and Bill would cut out for me to paint.  This one was made in 1981. 
My dining area in the kitchen with the mantel Bill made for me.  On the washroom door is a Santa wreath made from hymnal music pages and vintage Santa pic in the center. 

 My tiny little tree setting on a bookcase shelf.  Under it is a wooden quilt square Bill made for me.  His picture is on the right and he is painting one of his other crafts....
 My youngest Barbie School picture way back when....
Beautiful beaded ornament made by my daughter Christine and a felt Santa that I made. 
 Daughter Christine's school picture taken the same year as the others.
This is a felt and sequin tree made by my Mother ever so many years ago, I have several of the felt ornaments that she made - I miss you Mama....  
Coffee table books

This is a Milkweed Pod ornament that I made many years ago.
 I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of my special ornaments.  
Thank you for coming and I hope your CHRISTmas is heavenly!  God Bless all of you who like me, are celebrating the first Christmas without a loved one.  I love and miss you Bill, the love of my life. ♥

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Shirley said...

Hi Kerrie, I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations. I don't know how Christmas will be at our house. Hubby is in a nursing home after having a hip replacement. I have been going back and forth each day to see him. He wasn't feeling good tonight. I wish you a very happy holidays. I always think of you and watch for your blogs. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.