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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nuthatch Behavior

Nuthatch behavior as well as all the bird couples I study in my back yard are all the same when selecting a house.

The male selects the home he wishes the female to share with him  and then encourages her to look the place over and see if she will accept it.
She leaves, he peaks inside again and wonders why she does not find this one satisfactory-ha!

I am fascinated that this is almost October and not nesting season so I am speculating that he merely wants a nightly place to roost with his mate and she is being fussy.... What do you think?

  I have Little Lilly with me now and it helps a lot with my loneliness.  She makes me laugh and loves to sit on my lap as I type, good choice, Big Smile on my face.

My heart to yours...

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