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Sunday, September 2, 2012


So happy to see glimpses of sunshine with all of the rain we have been having and though the skies are sunny today, they are predicting rain part of every day for this coming week!
Here is the rascal squirrel that ruined my bird feeder.  She is a Mama Squirrel and has lived in the tree in the back yard for 7 yrs. that we have lived in this house and probably many more-ha!  I have a new feeder but I still am blackmailed to give her peanuts so she will not bother the new feeder.  
 Sunshine on the lake yesterday, what a joy!  The lake is "cleaning itself" as hubby used to tell me.  The dead aquatic plants float to the top and eventually disappear all together.

The tiered pot still blooms and though the Marigold and Begonia are waning in the beginning of fall, still provide that happy burst of color I so enjoy from my window...

My daughter and fiancee cut the grass for me yesterday in view of the impending rain and I am so grateful to them as I no longer can do it.  And thanks to my loving grandson, who cuts it for me whenever he can.  I am well taken care of for the lawn at present :)
All of the rain brings colonies of mushrooms however and before getting mowed yesterday, I took pictures of the fairy-like villages that popped up overnight once again!  I was sure a Leprechaun would jump out at any minute - Ha!

If you have time, check out my Kerrie's Home Journal for a Spirit filled message this beautiful Sunday.  And may you have a wonderful week ahead no matter what the weather in your world.

My heart to yours...

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