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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This picture is of my Aunt Anne O'Hearn, 
My father's sister.

This is my Country, Land that I love♫♫  I can never thank our military enough for keeping our land free.  Have a happy 4th of July and remember to pray for all of our young people who are serving in the military branches and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and free.  God Bless and keep them always! Our own lovely daughter, Christine, served in the Air Force for 4 years  in the 1980's and was our little Sargent.  Picture below is from this last Christmas.

I had two Aunts who were in the Army, 3 uncles in the army and my brother Joe was in the Navy.  
On the left is a friend of my brother Joe's who was a neighbor when we were growing up and they joined the Navy the same year, Tommy Sayles.  At this reunion pictured, Tom still fits into his uniform!  My hubby, long before I ever knew him, also went to grade school with Tommy.  And he is still a friend and very proud of his country.

   Who are your hero's?  Praying for all this 4th of July as we celebrate our country's independence.  When I was a little girl it was called Independence Day.  There was always a huge parade in our hometown and the Mayor would speak at the end in front of Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY.  I loved the brass band and the celebration.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!
My heart to yours...

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