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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Celebrating Pink Saturday with Beverly at How sweet the Sound.
 This is my beautiful Water Lily in the ornamental pond in the back yard.  They are only open in the daytime and close at night.  I love them so much.

 This is my flower/veggie garden by the shed.  There are tomato and Banana Pepper plants tucked in among the Coleus and other plants.
This a is beautiful vine that I cannot remember the name of.  It climbs a trellis in the back of the house and was a gift from a friend last year.  I wintered it in the shed and it grew so quickly again once I put it out of doors!

The blooms are so large and beautiful, a real bright spot in the yard.

The shed garden again.  The color of the Coleus is so vivid.  My hubby loved them and their are such low maintenance.  Just keep them well watered.  The green plant in the center is the Pepper plant and it has little peppers growing on it already.  I also have tomato plants in there and have already picked a ripe one.  It has been very hot and muggy here for weeks but it has been raining in the night so good for plants and lawn. Visit How sweet the sound for other beautiful entries for Pink Saturday and add your own!
My heart to yours....


Ann said...

I really love the pink climbing flower. Your gardens are stunning. Wish we could get some of that much needed rain. I have to water my tomato plants daily-sometimes twice a day.

Terri Morse said...

That is the most perfect water lily! I can see that your gardens are a labor of love. I think the vine is clematis. I have several different varieties growing out of control in my garden :) Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for sharing your magnificent gardens with us! Hugs, Terri

A Myeloma Widow's Journey said...

Beautiful pink flowers, Kerrie. I so wish I could grow things out here - but the desert heat is quite unfriendly for most things. Thanks so much for sharing.