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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Isabella is my Ragdoll cat.  She thinks and IS the Queen of the house. When she gets too warm with all that fluffy fur coat, she likes to sleep on the "throne" where it is cool in the master bath.

Is this too funny or what?!  The only down side is that I am constantly wiping the "throne" off with disinfectant wipes!  What we put up with from our loved pets!

"Go away lady, i am so comfy!"
"I rule this house and you are fortunate that I let you live here." ~Queen Isabella

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Isabella was definitely my hubby's cat and she misses him.  She tolerates me and loves to be brushed and be fed but she never sits on my lap like she did on my honey's.  She is a one man woman....
My Heart to Yours....

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