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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Fun Day at Pawleys Island, SC

On Wednesday, my daughter came for the day and overnight.  We had such fun having girl's time and we took a little short trip to nearby Pawleys Island, SC. Beauty of the low country, cypress knees and ducks, and in Litchfield, SC, a huge fallen Oak site.  
These were taken at the Island Shops where we had lunch at the Island Cafe.  This has always been our family's favorite place to visit!

 Cypress trees grow in water and have wide bases.  Their roots grow above the water to breath creating "cypress knees" that look like little villages of hooded people.  You may have seen these painted and for sale at craft shows and stores.

 Some Cypress knees in a cluster by the pond
 And here are more in the water

My daughter and me on the wood walkway around the pond to visit the little shops surrounding the water. 
And here is one of the beautiful ducks.
More Cypress knees lining the bank.

Fallen Great Oak Tree at Litchfield site. 

Another huge Great Oak tree.
Me with the fallen tree.

 We really enjoyed the outing and stopped on the way home at a Market that has foods imported from Italy, every kind of pasta and sauces as well as fruits, vegetable and fresh cut meat.  My daughter bought a bouquet of wheat for me.  Love it!  All in all it was a very nice Mother/Daughter day out!
  Hope you enjoyed our little tour today. Thanks for visiting!
Iris growing at the pond 

My heart to yours..

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Jenn said...

Hey there! How are you? Was just stopping by to say hello. Looks like you had a nice time with your daughter. Those cypress knees are something else. Love the ducks too! But those big oaks - lovely - even the fallen one - has its own wonder to it, doesn't it? Hope you're doing well. Take care! Jenn