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Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Roses

   My daughter received this beautiful bouquet of white roses.  The color was like French Vanilla ice cream!  They were so beautiful so of course I had to take a picture.  I don't know if it was the room lighting or my camera but each picture I took came out a different color-ha!

Here they look yellow!

They are so beautiful though and I wanted pictures for reference so I can draw or paint them someday.

Then of course, I wanted to experiment so edited the color using Picasa 3 and made the photo black and white--lovely!
The center is so perfect in the layering of petals---Ahhh Roses!  Romantic and lovely!  Have a wonderful day!

My heart to yours...

1 comment:

Ginny said...

Yes, that last one is perfect, Kerrie! Now what is the real color, I'm thinking the first picture? I have had this happen more than once to me, the color changing depending on the angle of the picture...