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Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Chill out with Isabella Ragdoll

First you empty your mind of all your worries and cares....Think about God and all creatures great and small...

Close your eyes and think of cat snacks...er...I mean cookies and milk!  Ponder all the lovely things in life...
Like this Cardinal's nest after the young have flown.  How clean it is!
We had to cut down the evergreen bush that held this beautiful woven creation as it was dying but waited for this years fledglings to take flight...

After letting it rest on the back deck for a few days, I brought it in and put some pieces of beautiful speckled eggs that I found in past years and this year in it for display and I love the look.  What a miracle that birds can weave such a cradle for their babes!
Another lovely sight and thought to meditate on, my hubby's finished lighthouse picture on the right.  When I was young, I taught drawing and oil painting in our home Town of Auburn, NY at the YMCA and in my home.  While my husband is a skilled craftsman in woodworking, he has never painted before.  My painting is on the left as my method is to paint side by side.  Our Model was a magazine photo and you can see his wonderful interpretation of this scene.  I love it and will frame it so I can meditate on its warm uplifting colors and form whenever I want-ha!  I love the rounded form of the rocks , the tide pool reflection and the hope that exudes from the lighthouse....Hubby will be 72 in August and in his 6th year into his battle with cancer Multiple Myeloma.
   And chilling with Isabella is a daily exercise, she is a master at it!

She will lay for hrs. on her back like this.  Total trust in her safety and surroundings...Ahhh, to be able to relax like this!
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Ginny said...

I think that no one or no creature can relax like a cat can. Being able to lay on the floor belly up and sleep, total trust!! You don't show her very much, but I so enjoy it when you do. So the picture on the left is one you painted and the one on the right is what your husband painted?? Am I right? They are both beautiful. I have become very good at stick figures! I put the cartoon you drew on my fridge, everyone wants to know what it is!! It makes me smile every time I see it, and I think of your adventure.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have a ragdoll cat and he's does the same pose. he loves to have his belly tickled. Your Isabella is so pretty!

Donna said...

Kerrie, I LOVE your picture of your cat. Funny, Kitty used to do that all of the time too. Sadly, she is gone now. We don't know what happened.

I love your oil painting and your hubby's. How beautiful! I do wish I could oil paint. I can draw decently but would like to learn oil painting some day.

I loved your comments this last week. Thanks! We are so similar!