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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Bit 'O' Pink and A Summer Kitchen, Birds

My Bit'O'Pink~ Water Lily with a baby squirrel who
came to drink.**
Sorry for the blurring as I took the picture through the den window-ha!

This is my Summer Kitchen.  Just a little change of candle color and tablecloth refreshes the large kitchen and gives it bright color! 
Looking at my kitchen from the step down den through the French Doors.
And this is more detail of a two-yard piece of cotton print that I have used for my watermelon tablecloth.  I learned this trick from my Aunt who always made seasonal tablecloths with fabric.  Very economical and recyclable when you want to make something else!
A hen soup Tureen and red candles bring out the colors of the watermelon print.

These 2 watermelon slice coasters are all I have left of a set I bought many years ago.  They are appliqued onto a quilted square with machine stitch.  I should try to make some more.  The seeds are embroidered.

This is a marble watermelon paperweight that makes a nice accent in any room but I am using it for my summer kitchen look.
This is my kitchen cart full of my favorite things.  The little towel holder is one I copied from a catalog.  Hubby cut out the shape and attched the dowel and I hand painted it with apples several years ago.  A vintage apron is hanging on the dowel...

This is how it looks from the front and is near the table.
Last but not least, I was able this unusual sight of a Blue Jay AND a Cardinal sharing the Bradford Pear Tree branches in the back yard!  I love their colors and so happy I was able to snap a few pictures before they parted!

So Beautiful!  Thank you for visiting and do come again soon!  If you have time, check my Kerrie's Korner, SC blogsite for an original poem to "Caylee Anthony".
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My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I love your pictures! The watermelon things are wonderful, so that watermelon slice is made from marble! And I love the coasters! You have photographed fourth Of July colored birds! Actually the jay has white in him, so they are red, white, and blue!!

Marydon said...

What a cute capture of the animals in the water bath. Your table is just beautiful Kerrie ... so summery & inviting.

Hope this finds you & Bill doing well, sweetie.

Have a lovely PS weekend.
Hugs & love,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Kerrie Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. Oh how I love watermelon and you have given your kitchen area such a wonderful Summer look. I love the tablecloth. It truly does make on happy. Those coasters are absolutely delightful. LOVE them.

Love your cart vignette as well. Everything looks so pretty sweetie.

Thank you for sharing the little squirrel. Love the lily as well. So pretty. Your cardinals are gorgeous, but then you know me, I love red.

Thank you for the tour this evening. I so enjoyed myself. Give Bill and Isabella my love. Hugs all around sweetie. Much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Robin said...

Your summer kitchen table is very inviting. Love those coasters. They would make for a wonderful "how to" post.
Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend

Pat said...

Oh boy your yard is filled with beautiful birds. You are so lucky!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful post! Stunning shots!! Love it..totally. Thanks for sharing:)
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Jenn said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Gosh, I've missed seeing you! I have said several times over today, I need to get out in the virtual blog world more! Good to see you. Great post. Little pinks! Love the Blue Jay and Cardinal. Beautiful! Take care, hugs and love, Jenn

Leann said...

Oh Kerrie your kitchen is darling, and so very cheery. Love the vintage feel and the vibrant colors.

Enjoy your birds!

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Dear Kerrie, I have loved that fountain with the water lily and the squirrel... do squirrels eat your garden as the rabbits here??..hope not!! And let me tell you that having a summer kitchen is something gorgeous that we are hoping to build in the future, we call it Quincho here... and, having a birthbath is so sweet because you can enjoy those darling robins that go to bath in there, adorable!!
Sending you and hubby lots of hugs my dear