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Monday, May 23, 2011

No matter what, Life is Good!

Two Happy is Too Sad today, but this too, shall pass!  We are facing a lot of challenges in hubby's treatment for Multiple Myeloma this week.  And last week-LOL!  He became so anemic that he had to have 2 pints of blood transfused.  Then when we saw the primary care doc, he referred him to a kidney specialist as his kidney function is diminishing.  Kidney damage from chemo and cancer cannot be reversed.  So he went back into chemo treatment today and will see the kidney doc on Thursday.  Are we overwhelmed? Yes!!! have we lost faith, NO!!!  God is so good and we have great faith.
  Isabella is not upset about anything:
Isabella is our Ragdoll cat.  She asks nothing of us but Love, Food and Water.  In return, she gives Bill much love, my den room lots of fluffy hair and occasionally a hair ball-ha!  Taking care of a pet is a commitment!  You must be willing to clean up after and care for faithfully to their needs daily.  But Isabella is a joy.  She trusts us completely, loves to be brushed and thinks she is a puppy who wants her belly rubbed-ha!  She is devoted to Bill and when he is not feeling well, she is particularly devoted and given permission to lay at his feet on the bed.
  What are your pets if any, that ease your stress and pain?  Or how do you cope with stress in your family situations?  Of course we pray a lot (check out Kerrie's Home Journal at http://kerrieshomejournal.blogspot.com ) and we try hard to be pleasant to each other no matter what the situation.  We call Isabella, "Old Blue Eyes" as some days her eyes are so large and full of the lightest blue color.
Fortunately, we have this back yard alive with wildlife, God could not have given us a nicer blessing.  Yesterday we had an Anhinga visit for about 4 hours! (see photos at http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com )
Here is "Izzy" holding Bill's hand a while back.

And the swan babies are a joy, too!  We never know what will come next to visit us in our little piece of Eden!
    Thanks for visiting, we love your visit and comments, it helps us through our days!
We were also blessed with a surprise visit from old friends from back home.  We got to go out to lunch with them and it was so much fun to laugh and talk like the old days.  We have much to be thankful for...

Our hearts to yours....

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Beansieleigh said...

Oh Kerrie, your attitude is right where it should be! Be strong as you can be, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER lose faith! I will remember both you and your husband in my prayers.. Love the photo of your cat! Our cat does the same thing. We've had our big boy, Tuffy, since he was a stray kitten, and it can be funny to see all he's learned from our cocker spaniel! The two are like brothers, though.. It's sweet actually. ~tina