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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and Nature's Babies

 Good morning all you wonderful people!!!  Did all of you moms have a good day??  I hope so!  I was blessed with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren on Sunday.  I would have not needed any other gift but none-the less, I received some-ha!  I received a beautiful mug from one of my daughter's and I want to share it with you.

The verse is so beautiful!
"She who is My Mom"
As a child, I opened my eyes for the first time to see
She who loved me more than life itself.
As a young woman, I opened my eyes again to see
She who gave me wings and taught me how to fly.
Today I open my eyes and see
She who is my dearest and truest friend. 
She encouraged my dreams,
Applauded my accomplishments,
Understood my mistakes
And has always been so proud of me.
She is my Mom.
And I love her more than life itself!

And here are the sweet Canadian Geese Moms and their goslings on Mother's Day as they visited our yard...

I love this picture of my Mom who has passed 10 yrs. ago now.  A cousin in our home town shared it with me just recently and it was a new photo to me that I had never seen!  What a gift!!  Thank you cousin!!!
My Mom was a wonderful mother who endured many, many hardships when raising 5 children.  She was an amazing little person, small in stature, huge in bravery and heart! I know I will see her again one day and she is with my other loved ones in heaven. 

Sometimes, being a Mom is a very hard job!  You have to keep track of the little ones and the bigs ones and you try to shield them from harm and bad in the world until the day you die.  But would we have it any other way?  God has blessed us as Mom's and we take that responsibility very seriously!  Love and hugs to all of you Mom's out there, human and otherwise-ha!  Have a most wonderful day! 
 For a spiritual message, please see http://kerrieshomejournal.blogspot.com  and to see the wild fox that visited our yard on Saturday, go to http://kerrieskorners.blogspot.com
Thank you so much for coming and come back again soon!

My heart to yours...


Rebecca said...

Lovely gifts my friend...and I LOVED seeing the picture of your beautiful Momma. What a blessing to read of your love for her~


Ginny said...

I'm glad you had such a nice Mother's Day. The mug is SO cute!! and I love the poem on it, I was trying to read it from the mug till I saw you had printed it out for us.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Great post! Love the mug and how sweet of your daughter to give you something to treasure. Being a mother is such a blessing!