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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flowers and Plants

Good Gracious Bloggers!  Where does the time go??  The days whiz by faster and faster and I am always in a tizzy-ha!  The weather is crazy today, little sprinkles, sun, temps up to 70 and down to 60 and now it is 66 and sunny.  Aired out the house with open windows though.
This is a Martha Washington Geranium and I just love it!!  I had one before more than 22 yrs. ago-ha!  it is so beautiful and the blossoms are pink and violet colors.

Here it is on the back porch along with the Poinsettia that a neighbor gave us for Christmas and here it is May and still blooming!

I love plants so much, though hubby tolerates them as I have to bring many in the house in the wintertime and we have no place to put them. But somehow we manage to keep them through the winter and take them outside again each spring.

These are the new baby Goslings that visited us today in the yard.  For more pictures of them, please see Kerrie's Korner at http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com

But I hardly think they were referring to the crazy hats shown during the Royal Wedding of William and Cate!!  I never saw such outrageous hats--ever-ha!  What were they thinking??

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I didn't know a poinsetta could bloom that long!! I have heard that the hats are considered more like creations or works of art than real hats. Some made the women look so silly. But then again, the wedding was so solemn, almost no one smiled, so at least the hats were something to lighten it up. Hmmm, maybe they wear hats instead of smiling!

Donna said...

Weren't the hats so funny!? I thought they look ridiculous. Maybe it's a tradition. :o) I love what Ginny said about them-Ha!

I'm glad you liked my post. It was just one of those 'ding' moments when my brain kicked in. Ha!

ADORE the ducklings!! and geraniums. Gosh..your photos look so good! They kind of 'popped out' today.

Thank you so much for always 'liking' my facebook updates. I just kind of throw them out in cyberspace but it doesn't quite work like blogging does. :o) You always make me smile Kerrie. :o)


One pair of Hands said...

I was blown away by the wedding hats too Kerrie. My husbands take was "I think they're trying to outdo eachother for silliness."
Geraniums are just about my favourite garden flower. Thanks for naming that one. I have it but was not even aware that it had a name.