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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


On Memorial Day 2005 I wrote the following:
by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

(on this day it rained and rained and another Marine was killed in "friendly fire"..)

We shouldn't have to lose a life
To make a nation free.
We shouldn't have to send our youth
To protect you and me.

What sadness, men cannot live in peace
But must fight forever more
To win the right to keep us free
From shore to sandy shore.

A Mother should not have to lose
Her only son to "Friendly Fire".
Or put a gun in her daughter's hand
Instead of playing with her children by a fire.

Surely God did not intend
War as a way of life
Except as Christian soldiers
Marching to eternal life.

We pray for peace and freedom to be free
Instead of paying the highest cost~
Our loved ones, forever lost.
Only gravestones do we see.

God bless and thank you America's soldiers,
We can never repay you for your sacrifice
So that we may all live free.
Remember all of our lost loved ones and all of those that are fighting in other countries far away from home so that we can live free.  Say a prayer when you are celebrating your day for these brave ones that we can never repay!



My heart to yours...


Doris Sturm said...

This is a very good, yet sad poem, Kerri. I wish we could abolish war and allow those young men and women to live to a ripe old age...there has got to be another way...

Ginny said...

This poem is so very professional!! And quite lovely and thought provoking. Is there ever a justified war? God tells us to obey our governments, but to never kill. We have a very good pamphlet you might be interested in called "Why I Am A Conscientious Objector" by John Drescher.