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Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Spring Rose

The first spring Rose from our den window.  I love this particular bush.  It is about 6 foot tall and I did not let Hubby prune it last fall because it was blossoming all through the fall and winter.  Then it became full of buds so we never did prune it and it looks healthier than ever! 
Each day I would check this first one when I opened the blinds to see how much of it had opened. 

Here it is fully opened and the color was so vivid when I took this picture from outside, the details of the petals are not seen.
So I tried using the sepia color when I was in Picasa program and I really liked the effect as it shows how beautiful the petals are.
This is a picture of the little lake in back and all that stuff floating on it are the seeds from the trees!  It really looked pretty and I don't ever remember seeing so many seeds before, there are thousands!
The Azalea bushes are just beautiful now and in full bloom.  Don't forget to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday!  Lots of Pink fun and meet new bloggers, make new friends...


Tricia said...

Aren't roses a wonderful way to welcome Spring! You are way ahead of us in MI, but Spring is coming here, too. Happy PS!


Ginny said...

I love what you did to make the rose so white!! And now I can see the petals. Bright reds are awful to photograph, and I don't know why!! Some red flowers, I just have to give up on.

Donna said...

Beautiful photos Kerrie! Ahh..gettin brave with the photo editing are we? LoL! Love the roses!

Thanks for the kind comment Kerrie.