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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is in the Air for Mallards....

I usually post back yard critters on our Kerrie's Korner blog but wanted to share with you on Two Happy as these two Mallards are also Two Happy-ha!  They were minding their own business this morning when another single male tried to mate with Mrs. Mallard.  Well Mr. Mallard was furious and while she dove under the water, he battled the intruder (young scamp!) and pecked him, beat him with his wings and ended triumphantly even though the younger one was larger!  Mr. Mallard is my hero for the day.  Once the intruder backed off, Mrs. Mallard bobbed to the surface beside her hubby and they came up on the bank to nap.
The young scamp returned gliding along the bank looking for trouble again but the Mallard couple just lowered their heads and stayed very still so that he would not see them!!  I had never observed this behavior before and it was so much fun to watch!
Hubby was able to capture them in their lowered statue like position, just love it!

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Ginny said...

What a mallard soap opera!!! I love your pink butterfly background!!