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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hunt for Wisteria Vine...

THE HUNT FOR WISTERIA VINE PICTURES IS ON!!  Here in SC, the Wisteria is blooming all over, on every country road and in every field, even in ditches!!  We love looking for all the photo worthy ones each spring and today we found a bunch!!
Wisteria Vines will grow as high as the tree or pole or other objects are.  When trimmed, they will grow as a bush in an umbrella shape.  They will grow on abandoned buildings until you can hardly see the structure underneath. 
 They wrap their vines around trees but do not strangle the tree even when the vine becomes huge in circumference looking like a huge ship rope around the trunk and has become wood itself!! 

The blossoms hang in loose clusters like grapes and if they were not drooping downward, would look like Lilacs. 
This tree does appear to be a dead one and makes an attractive sculpture with the Wisteria vine...
Here the vine is growing along the ditch beside a country road.
 Detail of the clusters in the ditch.
We never tire in our quest to find the next prettiest picture just around the bend and will continue our search over the weekend hoping to find the vine on an old shed or tobacco shed to photograph.
Pictures do not do it justice, the beauty and largeness of the vines are overwhelming and when the blooms are gone, you barely notice the delicate leaves of the vine at all.
Do you have Wisteria Vine in your "neck of the woods??"  I would love to see!

Come again soon and do visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for all the folks who link for Pink Saturday, You will love the photos!

My heart to yours...

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Ginny said...

I have many wisteria pictures to post, love them!!! Phil took a little cutting, and trained it into a TREE, it is out back and I have pictures of that. Our own wisteria tree! None of the wisteria around here have started blooming yet, it will be a bit later in the season. Your pictures are DRIPPING with southern beauty!!!