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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Azalea and Dogwood

OUR LITTLE bit of heaven in our own back yard!!  The Azaleas are coming out more every day and are so beautiful.  I took these pictures yesterday when the sun was out.  It has been raining all day today here...
The miniatures light up the whole back yard, they are so sweet, little and perfect....
 Close up of the large White Azalea Blossoms
And these red blossoms are so vivid against the green leaves and the whites next to them.
Great combo, huh?  I love spring!!
 I love our multi trunk trees....
THIS IS A DOGWOOD that has more blossoms this year than in the last 6 yrs. we have been here!  They are smaller, more delicate than the larger Dogwood blossoms, but beautiful. The tree is on the border of the side yard between us and the neighbor's house.
The detail is so interesting with these clusters of green in the center of the blossoms.

If you would like to see the lone Mrs. Mallard who came today without her hubby, hop over to our Kerrie's Korner SC blog.
Thank you for coming and do come back again soon! 

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Until reading your blog, I had no idea there are minature azalas. Phil's favorite tree is dogwood.

maría cecilia said...

Beautiful garden, my dear!!! wish I could find Dogwood here in Chile, how lovely!!!

lots of hugs and kisses to you and Bill