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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where Did Friday Go??

Okay, it's Saturday, but where did my Friday go??  It was beautiful out yesterday but I did not get outside much, can't even remember much of what I did and here it is suddenly Saturday!!  Have you ever lost a day in your week??  Hmmmm...  Should I put out an "all points bulletin"? Nope, just have to chalk it up to too much going on in my life-ha!
A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went for a ride to the landing on the Intercoastal Waterway.  It was still a bleak, winter kind of day with gray skies and even grayer landscape but we found beauty and humor there just the same.  In the woods near the parking lot was a "cat house".  It seems there are wild cats roaming there and someone built them a shelter of sorts that is even labeled Cat House.

And hanging loose in the parking area, we saw two of them.  They looked healthy enough but I felt sad to think they probably were not spayed and a cycle of wild cats would be propagated in this area that abuts an apartment complex.  A sign is on the fence, do not feed cats, they are a nuisance to the residents.  If I were rich, I would catch them, have them spayed or altered and let them live their lives out. 
We still found beauty in the expanse of water and though the trees were quite dull, there were patches of green here and there and hubby and I enjoyed the quiet of the season.  In summer the waterway is alive with boats, skidoos, water skiers and fishermen. Even some fishing from the bank for their suppers....
 Quiet beauty... and here is a picture of exposed roots along the water's edge.
I have always been fascinated with Cypress trees growing in the water.  They are so amazing.  When hubby was still able to paddle a canoe, we had an OLD TOWN canoe that we could paddle among the trees and see all the Cypress knees that looked like little village people standing near the shore.  In the spring in the back waters there will be lovely water Lilies.   Tomorrow is our 51st Anniversary and we feel very blessed that God has given us another year together----Life is Good!!


Ginny said...

Happy anniversary, Kerrie!!! I hope you have a lovely day,do you have any plans? Maybe a quiet dinner out? I LOVE the new look of your blog!! So St Patrickey!! It makes me smile and cheers me up and I love the colors. But what is that strange birdhouse in your header with the long slots instead of holes? The cat house is kind of funny, at firat I thought it was a children's fort. Beautiful pictures, especially the cypress trees. So many interesting things to look at here.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Kerrie Sweetie...
Happy Anniversary and then I believe rumor has it there is a birthday in store for a certain little gal that I know?

Wow what celebrating at your house. Cake all around hu? Wish I was there to give you both a BIG hug, but a virtual one will have to do. Please know that you are BOTH so LOVED and I continue to storm the heavens with prayers. We know that prayers in numbers can move mountains, so Bill sweet friend we continue on.

Have a beautiful day tomorrow. I love the photo of Bill on the dock and the Cypress trees in the water. A beautiful share with photos that are priceless.

Many hugs sweet friends and SO much love, Sherry