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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bradford Pear Trees in Bloom

No matter where you look from our house, you can see a Bradford Pear tree in bloom!  
This is one is in the front yard. 

This one is in the back by the lake.
This one is the view from my bath window this morning and below is a closer one...

Using the Zoom from the bath window...
You can see the one on the next street!

This one is looking from my front porch to the North on our Street. 
This is a wider angle shot of the one in the backyard.  and even then, the camera does not do it justice! 
  Below is a picture of a branch I brought in to force the  blooms a few days ago before the trees were all blossomed.

Thank you so much for coming as always!  What is blooming at your house, that is if you do not live back in our home state of New York where it is still snowing! 
   Please visit my other blogs this morning as well as I am posting pictures of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that I was finally able to capture this moring in the back yard...

My heart to yours....


Doris Sturm said...

Pretty, isn't it? I've got them too and one's right by my back door - I open the doors and windows and can hear the bees - they're full of bees....just lovely!

Ginny said...

I love the bradford pear trees and you have lots! NOTHING is blooming here!!! Well, the next door neighbor's crocus and the crocus at the church are coming up, so at least there's something.

Donna said...

Kerrie, These are just gorgeous!! Wow! And your photos are really lovely too. We don't have bradford pear trees but we do have redbud trees blooming..all of a sudden. :o)

Thanks for your sweet comment on Saturday.:o) I like what doris said too..We will soon have bees in everything..the house, our iced tea. Spring is lovely!