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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day - Remembering Family

Remembering great love stories in the family...
My husband's parents, Miriam when she was young (She was a seamstress and the scissors are hers)  And His father Harold in later years who loved to fish.  I made this memory frame for my husband for Christmas a few years ago.
This is my Mom's memory box and shows her as a toddler in the chair, with her best girlfriend (she is on the right) at 15 yrs., her wedding picture and the last is the article printed in our hometown paper when she retired. The scissors were her work scissores.
This is a picture of my parents wedding day in 1929.
I love this picture of my husband's father at age 4 and his mother who was also named Carrie. 
This is the grandfather I never got to meet as he died when my Mom was 12 yrs. old, in a car/train accident.  This is his son in the picture with him.

And last but never least, my own true love taken February of last year.  We will be celebrating our 51st Anniversary on February 27th this year.

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Ginny said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures!! I have made one memory box, yours are so pretty and meaningful!! I see your husband has a small plane, does he like to fly models?