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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday!  We celebrated casually with a dozen cupcakes, 3 candles to meet fire codes--just kidding!! And visits from her daughter and boyfriend, her aunt and uncle and a dear friend!  She had a fun day even though she was working a 12 hour typing shift and we had to call her out for photos-ha!  It is hard to believe "My Baby" has a grown daughter of her own who is in her first year of college!  Life goes by very rapidly, enjoy it every day!

She received two beautiful bouquets of flowers and her Aunt brought a Chicken Casserole dinner for us all!  A fun day!
This is she on the left at age 5 years with her little
Friend who was 3.  Where did all the years go???

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    Have a wonderful day!  And come again soon!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

What pretty and colorful cupcakes!! The third picture, is that your daughter and granddaughter? A very sweet picture, and so is the one of her as a child!

Donna said...

Kerrie, She is so pretty and so is her daughter! How wonderful that you hosted such a sweet birthday party for her. :O) You are a very good Mom!

Wow..time flies..the next thing you know, that will be me posting photos of my daughter's daughter. Life is so good isn't it?

maría cecilia said...

A very happy belated birthday to your lovely youngest daughter dear Kerrie!!! How much love from all the family to celebrate her birthday, really beautiful time all together.
Much love to you and your husband my dear.
lots of hugs