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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With stormy weather everywhere, we find ourselves in the house much too much!  But since we cannot enjoy as much of the out of doors right now, we can enjoy the inside in the meantime.  I took a walk around the house this morning checking out my favorite things...This is a sketch of my Mom that my son, age 15 at the time, (1980) drew.  We were vacationing in Maine and she was reading in a lawn chair.  I think he captured her in caricature, perfectly!

 This is an antique school desk like the one I had in grade school in the 40's.  I am not sure how hold this one is but my hubby bought it for me on a visit to Bennington, Vt.  It has another part that pulls up to hold a book so I know it is older than mine was in school.  The Goose Feathers are sitting in vintage ink bottles and they are pens that I made from Canadian goose feathers.  I have this by the front door.
I started Spring cleaning with the kitchen first and after washing my Mom's collection of tea cups and saucers, I placed them on the mantel in the kitchen that Hubby made for me a couple of years ago.  It has pegs underneath and I love it!  The wreath on the washroom door is my Christmas wreath updated for Valentines day.  See this on our Craft Site  And the little quilted heart runner trimmed in eyelet is one I made just a couple of years ago.
 Here is my small collection of depression glass.  I am partial to green pieces and also have a small juice glass.  I purchased all the pieces separately and the genuine vintage depression green ware is hard to find and expensive.
This is a photo of my craft Hammer that Hubby put my name in!  I think it is so neat!  And just the right size for hammering little nails.
This is a Rooster plaque with one of my favorite sayings on it.  It is on the side of a kitchen cupboard.  My oldest daughter gave it to me for a gift one time.  She knows I love Roosters and Barns as well as the saying.
And last but not least, this is one of several Quilting blocks made by my hubby in wood.  I love the little details he painted on it.  I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful partner for my life!  For more of Hubby's creations go to our Kerrie's Krafts 3 site.


Ginny said...

I have so much enjoyed this tour, and I love EVERYTHING in your house! The old school desk is fabulous, and what a conversation piece! If I had one, I wonder if it would give me even more nightmares about school days? Especially the test dream! Your son is an extremly talented artist, does he work in this field in any capacity? The runner is so pretyty, I love the delicate color. The hammer must be one of a kind and a piece of art itself! But I think the quilting square is my very favorite!! I love the dress and the colors, wow!!! I hope you have it hanging somewhere??

Rayanne said...

Love the sketch!!!!!
All great collections when you can tell the story that means so much!

Doris Sturm said...

You are so talented Kerrie, but I wonder what happened to the stormy weather everyone's talking about - it's been so mild and warm here the past week. It's been in the 70s and 80s and I'm not happy about it...I'm not ready for the heat already!

Kim Hanauer said...

Hi Kerry,
What a lovely blog. I enjoyed the photos of your home and art! Thank you for visiting my blog. If you scroll down I have a link to my etsy shop:khanauer.etsy.com. I am working on putting it on my sidebar.
Have a Blessed day~
Kim :0)