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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here is the male Merganser popping up from diving and preening with his head swiveled to his back.
The female and male came early this morning and graced the pond for at least 45 minutes.  Catching a picture of them is not easy as they dive and disappear.  I just keep snapping from my chair in the window and hope some of the shots will be good ones-ha!
They are so beautiful with their crested heads.
Here is the Male preening again and the reflection of the drain pipe is just perfect in the mirror reflection.  What a beautiful Saturday today with lots of Sunshine and 55 degrees.  This is more like our normal January weather in SC!  Gotta love it!  While I was posting these pictures and the ones of the swans on Kerrie's Korner, SC , a huge Great Blue Heron came and landed in the pine tree across the lake!  I have snapped a bunch of pictures and will post the best of them after viewing them, tomorrow on Kerrie's Korner.  Thank so much for visiting me today and please stop by Kerrie's Krafts 3 site to view the Red-tailed Hawk that hubby is creating in Intarsia.  It is coming along beautifully!

"A friend is like a 4-leaf Clover: Hard to find, Lucky to have!"
I Love my friends!!

My heart to yours....


Ginny said...

These are just the coolest looking birds! Wish I could see on in real life sometime.

Donna said...

Hi Kerrie, I have the same problem! We had five cardinals eating little pond fish and bugs..but catching them on a camera was almost impossible! Great photos!