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Friday, February 18, 2011

Upcoming 51st Anniversary

Last year at this time we were planning our 50th Wedding Anniversary and now we will be seeing 51! Thank you Lord!  I found some prose I wrote for my Hubby in November of 2002 among my journals and will share it with you.

                MY BILL
   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
The bluest sky, the most beautiful bird,
The reddest rose, the sweetest song.
The softest breeze, the gentlest rain,
The far off whistle of train.
A Summer day in a country field,
The buzz of the bees, the smell of the earth
Turned fresh from the fields.
The sight of a foal racing 'round the ring.
The green of plant sprouts, the cut hay in the field
The sun glistening on a strong, tanned back...
    Remind me of youth and YOU.

Our grandchildren with us last Anniversary
February 27th 2010

And Written at the same time but could very well have been written today! More memories of when we were very young and living on a farm with our little ones:

"Remember fishing on the riverbank for Silver Bass and Cat Fish? Baiting the hooks for tiny hands and never getting to throw your own worm in?
What great memories of the farm and you.  We were happy, weren't we!  I remember when the first foal was born, you were so excited!  Remember when we were snowed in and the neighbor brought us milk for the babes?
And little Christine and I selling our squash by the road, My father sitting under the big Maple tree, "Eary" the bull getting loose?  And my poking him with the broom handle until he went back in the barn!  And that ugly black milk snake that Christine and I stepped on while he was sunning himself on the back step?  And remember the storm that brought the tree down into our farm kitchen.  How about ordering 10 chicks that Easter for our little ones and getting 100!!
  Every day was an adventure, Every day in love with you, the kids, the animals.  Those good memories lighten my heart that has been heavy.  I love you Bill with all my heart!"

What are your wonderful memories of youth and starting out as a young wife and Mother or Husband and Father? I hope that you also keep journals and can look back one day and read them as I have mine.  It is comforting and fun!
Thank you for stopping by and for sharing my joys.  Come again soon and if you like pictures of wildlife, birds and nature, Christian Inspiration, and crafts, do visit our other blogs. Links are in the sidebar.

My heart to yours...

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Ginny said...

Oh, I have so many memories!! If only we knew then what we do now!!! I remember our first apartment with an old gas stove and we had to light the pilot light in order to turn it on. I wouldn't let Phil show me how. Then when he was at work and I started dinner, I tried to light it myself. And burned my eybrows off!! I love your beautiful and joyful memories, I can almost see them! Happy Anniversary, Kerrie!!!