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Thursday, December 2, 2010


OKAY! Boxes of ornaments down from the attic! So many! We decided to use the "Little Tree" on table top and I marvel at how all the ornaments I want to hang fit on this one's branches just as well as the large 6' tree! Most of the felt ornaments are ones my Mother made very many years ago. There are lots of homemade ornaments, almost all of them! My hubby makes wood ones, my oldest daughter makes beaded ones, my youngest makes counted cross stitch and I make everything in between including wooden ones!
Felt layored Hen made by my Mom

This pink striped one is a vintage glass ball that I have had since the children were little. The beaded ball is one my daughter made. The felt layered Angel is one my Mom made.

This one was made from a tapered lightbulb that I
painted Santa on and added a fabric hat.

This one is a wooden scrollsaw ornament that my husband made.

This one is made from the pod of a Milkweed .  I added the seed silk, a miniature deer and glitter on the outside. It is very old but has survived.
Is anyone else having problems downloading pictures??  Please advise!  I cannot add them unless I get completely out of the blog site and then sign back in.  Than it will only add one and it quits again!  I have tried all the things posted on help but they do not work.  Thanks, Kerrie
The felt stocking is another of my Mom's
The hen is, too.
This one is a quilted Angel I made and the stocking is a wooden one that I painted.


GardenofDaisies said...

I LOVE the green ornament your husband made!!!

Ginny said...

My favorites are the green one your husband made (so intricate, lots of precise sawing) and the angel you made, you painted that freehand? You ARE talented! When you put up your big tree, you don't need any more ornaments than these? That's wild! My DIL has had much worse trouble than you! When she tries to load pics to post, not only will blogger not do it, it cuts off her internte! After taking to techs from her computer, the modem, and internet provider, she found our it is Blogger's fault. She has to go into Picasa to load the pictures. You can do that if things get worse. That is where Blogger puts all of ours, they have a contract with Picasa. Several people have complained on the help thing, but so far it's not been fixed. But how did you manage to load all these if Blogger wouldn't let you do more than one?

Kerrie said...

Ginny, I had to download them ONE AT A TIME BY GETTING IN AND OUT OF BLOGGER! That is why I quit and did not do my posts on my craft or Christian blogs. Very frustrating! blogspot is not very helpful. I cannot figure out why they won't help us!

Donna said...

Hi Kerrie, I love your ornaments. They are all so special! You and your family are so creative! Handmade ornaments are the most special in my opinion.

Kerrie, I wanted to let you know that I haven't had trouble with blogger for months as far as uploading photos is concerned unless they were too big.

The best thing to do for photos is download MW Snap (it's a screen capture program). After you have finished editing your photos..if you do that, then capture them with MW snap and save them to your desktop. Then upload them.

You not only can't upload very large resolution photos to Blogger but you really don't want to as it then takes a long time for viewers to see your photos on your blog.

The only time I've ever had trouble with Blogger and uploading photos is when my photos were too large (in terms of memory). I upload all the time with blogger and never have a speck of trouble.

I will say that I've recently started using LiveWriter (which is also free) but either way, I have to be sure to re-save my photos at a lower resolution in order to upload quickly. I don't know if this helps you are not, but I hope so. You don't want to upoad a photo over 600-800 KB. It will still look good if you do that but any bigger and it may take way too long to post.

Love your ornaments!

Donna @ Comin' Home