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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating for Advent

I just love all the colors of advent leading up to Christmas.  They are soft, pastel, soothing.  And rather than rush headlong into the Christmas decorations, I chose to decorate with mums, candles and table runner in the Advent colors.  For information on Advent, see my Kerrie's Home Journal Blog.
   I am still getting things out of the attic and will be bringing out all my old favorites very soon.  I have felt ornaments my Mom made a very long time ago and hang them on the tree every year in her memory.  One year I just had to have the "It's a wonderful Life" ornament with the picture of James Stewart and Donna Reed!  I also have an ornament with my favorite rendition of The Madonna of the Poor on it.  I do so love that one.
   What are your favorite ornaments?  
As I take them out, I will photograph and post them.  Have a very nice last Day of November and then it is just 25 days until Christmas!!

My heart to yours...

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Ginny said...

Your table is just lovely, so soft and refined! I just finished decorating the tree last night, we still have no topper! They are very hard to find for some reason. I have some tiny ball ornaments that our three year old granddaughter dipped in paint and swirled around, they are probably my favorite. Now that you mention it, I may post them sometime!