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Sunday, November 28, 2010


OKAY!  Just couldn't face any more turkey, ham or left overs!  We had pretty much cleaned them up and today I made an easy beef stew!  The house smelled so yummy and it was so easy to do thanks to the new steaming bags for home use in the microwave!  I bought these bags at Wal-Mart and don't know how I ever cooked without them.  We had been buying the "Steamables"  from the frozen food section and my hubby really loved them.  Then I found the bags and put in all my own fresh veggies and meats and it works wonderfully.  In just a few minutes you can have a scrumptious meal! You can cook Shrimp, chicken, beef and more in these bags.
I used two bags today, one for the stew meat and one for the veggies (carrots, cellery and 3 cut up potatoes with skins left on (skins have potassium in them).  I filled the bag to the full bag mark and cooked them in the micro on high for 4 minutes (directions on back of bag).  I then cooked the meat frozen but broken apart after running under water and filled to the full mark for that one, too.  I cooked the stew meat for 7 minutes in the microwave.  I used only salt, pepper, and all Seasons spice for flavoring but you can add garlic powder, sliced onion, and add any combination of vegetables you prefer. 
   Then I poured both hot steaming bags into the crock pot, set it on low to simmer (as everything was done!) and left it until hubby got hungry.  Then I added a little flower and water to thicken it and it was delicious!  So nice on a chilly, chilly November day!  This picture was taken before the thickening and my crock pot is very deep.  Though it does not look like much, there was enough to feed 3 to 4 people nicely.
  We put out some Christmas decorations on the front door and on the kitchen table using the colors of advent (today is the first Sunday in Advent). To learn more, go to my post for today on http://kerrieshomejournal.blogspot.com/ .

Instead of a wreath this year, I opted for a giant bow for the front door.  I am not wanting a lot of decoration this year.  We still have to get some old favorites out of the attic but I am not overdoing this year like I usually end up doing-ha!

And this is my little lit up Christmas gift box in red with a green bow.  The photo does not do it justice as it looks like tiny sequins all over it.  The little colored light around the top of the pedestle are just from the $ Store.  Luv it!
Now you know I am just too impatient to take a picture of this in the daytime-ha!  Tomorrow!

I took this one with the flash and you can see the colors much better! 

Thanks for visiting, I love having you over to the house! Please come again soon and do check out my other blogs when you get a chance. 

Hugs to all!

My heart to yours...

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Ginny said...

I love seeing your decorations, thanks for inviting me to your house!! I especailly like that gift box!! I had no idea that you could steam meat in those bags! 7 minutes for stew beef?? It is so tough, I always thoght it had to be slow simmered for hours!