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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards and Links

http://kerrieskrafts3.blogspot.com/  Kerrie's Krafts 3
http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/   Kerrie's Korner, SC
http://kerrieshomejournal.blogspot.com/ Kerrie's Home Journal

   Please visit all of my blogs for wildlife pictures, poetry, inspiration, Bible studies, how to crafts and fun!! I have put all the links above to the others to make it easier for you to browse--Thanks!
This is beautiful Isabella.  She is quite uneffected by all of my activity in the den/computer/craft room  This is her love seat resting place and she cares not for all the other goings on here.  As you can see, she knows how to relax!
   In the next picture, she was upside down all curled up so I changed the camera shot to opposite ends when in my photo program.  I just love her.  She is a Ragdoll cat which is a breed developed from a long haired species and the Siamese.  Her coat is as soft as silk.  She does shed a lot and requires daily brushing but is an extremely affectionate and loving cat.  She is about 8 yrs. old now and has lived with us since she was 3.

Here is a preview of my home made cards on Kerrie's Krafts 3.  Use the link above to
see more...

And check out our Kerrie's Korner, SC for backyard photos of wonderful wildlife.   This is a wood stork.

For Spiritual guidance, Bible Study and more, please visit Kerrie's Home Journal.
Thank you so much for visiting and please come back often!  I love comments!  Blessings to you this winter day! Hugs,
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Ginny said...

I wish I could sleep like that! You have so many blogs that I can't keep track of them! But I don't know if I knew about the wildlife one, Kerrie's Korner? I love that one! I had maybe lost track of it, I'm glad that you listed them all and said what they are for. Oh, I love that lavender flower with the tiny frames!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Love your pictures today. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Donna said...

Hi Kerrie, Thanks for the kind comments about my poetry. About you tube...You have to start an account with them and then they allow you to upload your videos straight off of your computer. Once they have 'published' the video..it will have an html code (under EMBED). Copy the code and past it straight into your post while you are writing it. When you go to preview mode, you will see the video tool with your video in it. It's pretty easy to do. This one took a while to upload. I try to keep them short.

Glad you liked my poem. I have written very few prose poems so it started out very wordy... but I've written poetry since I was eleven..so when I feel something...very strongly...I just want to write about it.

Like photographers, I want to 'capture' it. I used to dream of being a 'famous'poet someday from the time I was 11-19. Then I laid it aside for awhile. I felt I didn't have anything left to say. :o) Pretty wise huh?

Then I had babies and got busy. But I'm thinking I should start writing again. Prose doesn't come as naturally to me as rhyming poetry.

It was a lovely day for sure!

Your cat looks so cuddly! Aren't kitties wonderful!

Donna @ Comin' Home