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Monday, November 22, 2010

Curtain Stretchers

And do you remember curtain stretchers?  I tried to find a picture of one on line and could not come up with a good likeness!  There are many on line to buy I found out though some with the original box they came in!  They were made like a horizontal easel.   They were as long and as wide a curtain panel.  After laundering the curtains and rinsing in Niagara Starch,

 Mama would set the curtain stretcher up in the yard.  It's frame was made of moulding and there were hundreds of tiny pointed nail ends all around the frame. 
  We then took the curtain's ends and press them onto the nail points on each end to keep it taut.  Next you would do the sides the same way until your panels were stretched to dry.  They dried very quickly in the air and then we took them off the stretchers and immediately hung them back up in the living room.  We had 2 stretchers so it took as long to process as we had windows!

  This was a fun memory for me as Mama worked all the time.  But on Saturdays when she did cleaning and laundry my brother and I got to help with the curtains when it was Spring cleaning time.  Sometimes, she would get a week's vacation and we were so delighted to have her home in the house. 
    Do you remember these Lace Curtain Stretchers?  Please comment as I would love to hear!
                My heart to yours...
I borrowed the picture on left from another blogger. It was the only one I could find. I will have to put a request in with the Graphics Fairy!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Kerrie Sweetie...
I don't remember seeing a curtain stretcher, but what a wonderful idea, as then there was no pressing of the curtains. I love it.

What a beautiful share as always, you enlighten me in some way. I hope you and Bill are ready for Thanksgiving. We have SO much to be thankful for this year. I continue to pray for Bill. I hope he will be able to enjoy the meal and not be taking treatments.

Please give sweet Isabella a scratch for me. I think of her often as well. Many hugs to you sweet friend. From my home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Ginny said...

Well, I must say that this is something that has slipped by me. I have never heard of such a thing! I guess automatic dryers have made them obsolete now. But I liked learning about something I didn't know!!