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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I LOVE DOODLING!!  I have loved to draw since I first held a pencil as a child and the boundaries do not exist in my imagination of what I can create on the paper.  I keep journals in short hand notebooks and also draw in the margins, insert between entries or just doodle a whole page for fun.  I find it very relaxing and as good as Yoga for bringing my brain and body into harmony.  Whenever I purchase a new Gel pen, I immediately have to try out all of the lovely colors.  Below are some of my doodles I hope you will enjoy and please comment if you are a doodler, too!!  Calling all doodlers to share their snippets!!!

 Blank paper and pen or pencils have always drawn me in to express myself and is a real tension release at times.  I sometimes write letters to my Mom or Dad who have been gone many years now and tell them what is happening in my life just as I would if they were here and I could call them on the phone.  No, I am not crazy - LOL!  It is good therapy.  Just give me pad and pencil and I am in heaven.  Here is a picture of the new little pad and pen one of my daughters gave to me for my March Birthday.  She knows me well!

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