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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Art of Letter Writing...

Remember when Palmer Method style of writing was taught in grade school?  Our ancestors took great pride in their hand writing as you can see by the signed documents by our forefathers like the Declaration of Independence.  Men were not ashamed of having wonderful scroll lettered script.  Bookkeepers were primarily men in the earlier days and their writing and even scroll-like numbers were clear and crisp on the page.  Do you get excited over an e-mail? Probably, as that is predominately the way we communicate with each other in our technological world.  But how much more up close and personal to receive a handwritten letter in the mail box, recognizing a loved one's special writing characteristic that you know at first site.  Their hands have touched the page, they personally reached out to touch you with paper and pen.  A letter from a friend always makes me smile.  I have a lovely niece who sends happy little cards in which she ALWAYS writes a personal message of several lines to brighten our day.
   I have my hubby's love letters written in his own hand when we were dating and I treasure them greatly. My brother Joe used to write to me when he was in the Navy and his hand writing was so distinctive. I wish I had those but sadly I did not keep them.  Have you noticed that teens today mostly print.  Apparently something is wrong in the school system that they were not taught script and required to use it.  Perhaps lazy teachers, I cannot say.
  I have wonderful letters from my Mom who passed away in 2000.  I pin them on my little cork board near my computer as some are just little notes that say, "I'll see you on Wednesday, Love Mama" and it comforts me.  I have her script in a Birthday card with a personal note and I put it on my dresser all month when my birthday comes around so she can still greet me and wish me happy birthday. 
  If your writing is not perfect, it does not matter, it is an extension of YOU, what you are like, what makes you different than anyone else.  Please send a friend a card or letter in your handwriting.  A blogger sent me an Easter Card and wrote a note inside, do you know how much that pleased and surprised me? Very much!  For examples of Penmanship visit The Graphics Fairy.  She has free examples that can be used in your artwork and collages.

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Doris Sturm said...

I remember having Penmanship as a subject in grade school. I don't know what it was called exactly because I went eons ago in Germany, but we were graded on it. Handwritten leters are becoming extinct and therefore very, very special. I still write to my parents in Germany as they don't "do" computer and I send an occasional card to my daughter or a faraway friend. Handwritten letters mean so much more because the reader can sense the writer's personality better than typed script, I think!
Have a wonderful day, Kerrie :-)
p.s. I hope you and hubby had a blessed Easter.