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Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Foliage

The Bird Bath had to be hosed out as it was full of the last trees off of the Maple tree, but I loved the way they looked!  It was gloomy and chilly today, but we know the sun is coming -ha!  Our Daughter that lives here with her family is ill with regular flu so we are iffy about the Thanksgiving plans this week.  Our youngest daughter is here visiting from GA, though, so we will not be alone.  I hope all your plans are in place and things are going smoothly!  Have a good one!                                                    "Far away there in the sunshine, are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them."  Louisa May Alcott     "Happiness is the reward we get for living to the highest right we know."  Richard Bach               The Camelia Bush is budding in this picture and is now in bloom today.  I have not gotten outside to take a picture today. The Holly Berries are out just weighing down the branches with the beautiful red berries.  It attracts Cardinals, Tit-Mouse and Mocking birds as well as others who are already looking for berries to eat.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Friend.
I have been swimming in so many things lately I am treading water as fast as I can.

I see you have some family there for the holiday. I am so thankful for that. At least I know you and Bill are not alone.

I am so thrilled that you won Heidi's domino necklace. Now I have to find something else to make you, because I can't send you the same thing. I am also working on creating bracelets for the holidays. As soon as I figure them out, I will be sending you one of those. I wanted it to be unique, and when I thought I had that gift Ms Heidi drew your name. Gosh darn it.

I will talk to your before Thanksgiving. Please take care of each other, you and Bill. I love you both. I also need to talk to you about purchasing some of these dish cloths for Christmas gifts. I need to know what you charge and if there is still time to order some. I love you sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

Doris Sturm said...

Lovely photos. That bird bath with the leaves looks very pretty. We have lots of camellias blooming now too and I just love those bright berries...there's so much splendor, even in the cold.

Happy Thanksgiving!