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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Beautiful Fan for Wall Decor

Wednesday, the middle of the week again already!  I am making progress on my craft clean out and finished a beautiful hand made one of a kind doll.  It is posted on my craft site and in Etsy.  But what I want to share more is a beautiful new scroll saw fan that my hubby made and I decorated to sell.  The first one he made was a gift for me and this one is for the shop.  It has many hours of work on the saw making the beautiful blades in a lacey pattern embellished with Humming Birds. 

Bill struggles when he works standing or sitting with the scroll saw because it hurts his back so much and that is where the Multiple Myeloma is.  But he never complains because he cannot wait to see the outcome of his efforts and the work keeps him "keepin' on".  He is such a wonderful patient.  I am so happy that we share the love of crafting and in our little den here, we sit back to back with computer and craft counter.  We do a lot of giggling in between working and we see all the wildlife looking out over the back yard and water.  We are truly blessed. 
    My craft clean up continues and as I go through boxes and baskets, I am finishing up projects that have been left by the wayside-ha!  I would promise never to buy another thing until I finish all the ones here, but I am afraid that I would not keep that promise! And don't tell Bill but I consolidate more than liquidate - ha!  I give him empty boxes to throw away but I can't fool him as he says, "I don't see anything inside here!"  Busted!
   I have been making felt baby booties and they are fun but very time comsuming with lots of hand sewing.  I love everything for babies.  That means I always have a gift on hand.  Bye for now.  Come again soon!

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