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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rocking Christmas Scrooge

DEAR HEARTS, I am eternally cleaning out my crafts that have overtaken my whole house!!  My closets are full, my under the bed storage is full, my computer and craft cupboard in the den runneth over and my bathroom closet is also full and would be if it was not for those darn towels and wash cloths getting in the way!  Anyhow, while searching for some supplies that have come up missing (I wonder why?), I came across this wonderful rocking Scrooge Silhouette figure that my hubby makes and wanted to share it with you!  I never tried downloading a movie before so bear with me -LOL

Okay, I failed!  It said it was "not supported" so I am just posting the still shot.  I assumed since you can interject a You Tube video that I would be able to.  I will see if I can add it in my side bar.  Anyhow, it rocks on the little bench and is so adorable!   It stands 10 inches tall.  I just love it and so do my Grandchildren. I always get the first of a new item Bill creates as he always surprises me and says it is for me!  He has been making these for about 5 plus years now.  They are a special order item at present so if you would like one for Christmas, e-mail me.  I will be posting on my Kerrie's Krafts site when an extra one is made up.  I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.  Please visit Kerrie's Korner, SC for a spriitual message especially for all you bloggy friends!

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