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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Warmth of Fall.........

Even when it is overcast the colors of fall brighten our days!  The picture of the house was taken a week ago when it seemed all it did was rain or be cloudy, but it didn't matter because the bright colors made the atmosphere warm and cheery.  Isabella the cat loves the coolness and wants to sit on Bill's lap.  She follows him from room to room and purrs.  You can hear her little motor running from anywhere in the house!  Sweet William surprised me with the 2 pots of Mums he bought on a Lowe's trip.  He goes there for all his wood he uses to craft the items we make.  He does not feel well enough to drive all the time and I worry when he goes alone but I do not want him to lose all his independence.  We always joke that we have to go to Lowe's for our Wood "fix" as we love the smell of the pine, aspen and other woods.  We are looking forward to camping this weekend and are taking Isabella with us.  This will be her first time out so we shall see how she fairs.  Well, I hope -ha!  It seems odd to just chill out after months of scurrying to get ready for the craft show - ha!  I am glad that we only do the one a year.