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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

GOOD SUNDAY MORNING TO YOU ALL!  Sunshine at last after a week of rain and clouds!  I am excited because I just opened my first Etsy shop!  I only listed one item but more will be following for sure so wish me success, please.  I also started a third blog that is just for my craft projects to share, show and tell.
   We are recouperating from the craft show yesterday and my Sweetie is making camels out of wood for a Sunday school teacher who needs a dozen for her class.  He is planning to donate or just ask the price of his wood.  Our grandson called this morning to say that he got his first deer yesterday hunting with his Dad.  I hate to see any of the grandchildren mature, but I know I cannot keep them little - ha!  He was so excited to tell his grandpa!
Praying for Debbie's Amy who is one tough little girl!  God Bless her! 
My first visitor this morning was a great Blue Heron out on the little lake.  The picture is not so great but still wanted to share the view from my window! 

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Doris Sturm said...

I enjoy the wildlife and love taking photos of the birds and critters around here too...God sure made a beautiful world, didn't he?