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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"left blooming on the vine.
An old Irish tune that my father taught to me.
The last flowers of summer are the most precious
to us, are they not?  From my window here at
the computer, I can take pictures right through
the window of anything in my back yard.
  The rain on the roses this morning was so beautiful
but my little camera does not do it justice.  Although
the day be dreary, the colors of fall and my roses
cheer my heart.  And inside on my window sill is a
small pot with my African Violet.  It requires nothing
of me but a little water once in awhile. But it gives
back to me a full measure of beauty year after year.

Isn't this an adorable Witch??  I found her at Ms.
Penniwigs!  A link to her site is on my sidebar, do
visit.  She has the most wonderful graphics
ever!                      AUTUMN
Time passes, draining the color from plants and trees
As fall sets in, I see the last of honey bees
Cool rain falls on my sleepy garden
Gourds turn tan and begin to harden.

I dream of all the holidays in the wings
That fill my head with crafts and things
Spooky ghosts and pumpkin pies
Thanksgiving feast and then Christmas buys
    As another year is ending...
           ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart  2009

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